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Oct. XL Photonics founded (Engineers from ETRI *)
Apr. Established R & D Center
Jan. Developed 2.5 Gbps Butterfly DFB-LD module
Jan. Opened Opto-electronic Device Packaging Center
Jan. Developed Laser Welding System
May. Completed New Building with Chip Fabrication Facility
Sep. Developed 2.5 Gbps PIN PD chip & coaxial PIN-TIA Rx module
Jun. Developed 2.5 Gbps APD chip and coaxial APD-TIA Rx module
Jun. Developed PIN-TIA Rx module with integrated WDM PD
Nov. ISO9001:2000 certified
Feb. Developed 10Gbps TO PIN-TIA Rx module
Aug. ISO14001:2004 certified
Jun. Developed 2.5Gbps Mini-TO PIN PD module
Sep. Developed Mini Integrated Tap PIN PD module
Jan. Developed Mini Array PIN PD module